About us


We build lasting relationships with our partners to help them achieve their short and long term goals. Through effective collaboration, we identity problems, and deliver solutions that help our partners reach their optimal potential.


With our background, extensive expertise, and resources, we dare our partners to dream big for a brighter future. We bring together the brightest minds to inquire, problem solve, invent and achieve the best outcomes.


Through our expertise and diverse experience, we help our partners achieve sustainable solutions to their most pressing challenges. We guide our partners using our expertise to inspire them to be creative and strategic.
about us

Krysalis Global Solutions KGS

Krysalis Global Solutions (KGS) was founded upon the need to make organizations (our partners) more effective in addressing their most challenging problems. We assist organizations transform into high performing and high impact organizations by focusing on their needs. KGS acts as strategic partners, collaborators, advisers, and provide guidance to each client. We leverage our experience and expertise to engage our partners and unveiled potential obstacles to their success.

Our mission is to contribute to a better world by building and strengthening organizational capacities and help organizations reach their optimal potential.

Collaboration & Success
Quality Assurance
Competitive Pricing

Our members develop strong networks, build meaningful partnerships and grow their businesses as we all work together to create a thriving environment where industry, government and stakeholders come together to realise the positive outcomes tech can deliver.

Shaping policy

From economic policy to skills and diversity, we work with members to develop a comprehensive policy platform with clear asks of government. Our relationship with government and regulators helps create the right market conditions for technology to flourish.

Accelerating innovation

We explore the applications of emerging technologies and champion their use. From cloud and 5G to artificial intelligence and quantum, we analyse the significance and opportunity of new tech and identify how they fit into the thriving ecosystem.

Developing markets

We identify where technology can power progress and advance innovation. From financial services to health and social care, we help the tech sector and its customers understand how technology can improve productivity, facilitate growth and overcome challenges.